Parents of USNA Midshipmen GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY !!
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    Join our listserve of friendly and supportive parents who know firsthand the joys and concerns that come with the job of Navy Parenting. We are the only USNA Parent listserve organization run by parents of current Midshipmen. Our moderators are directly associated with the Naval Academy. Dan is a '77 graduate of USNA and is a Captain in command of the Navy Trial Service Office in Florida. His son is Class of '05. Towanda is a Blue and Gold Officer stationed in Annapolis as well as being the mother of two Mids, Class of '02 and '05. Barbara is a Captain and a Navy Pediatrician with a Mid Class of '05. Elaine is a Blue & Gold Officer and mother of a two Mids, Class of '05 and Class of '07. Our webmaster is the mother of a Mid, Class of '05.

    In addition to our website, has a listserve which is a program that forwards email messages to members, and archives them as searchable data. We extend an invitation to the parents of Midshipmen to join our ranks. USNA graduates and USNA staff, are also welcome to join our forum. offers families and friends of Midshipman a better way to communicate using the internet! Although other listserve services exist, we feel our forum provides a fresh new option for supportive communication. A USNA parent forum has existed on the WP-Org site for 4 years but we are now under new management. We're sure you will love the changes!

    Through our list, you can share your experiences, discuss what it means to be a Navy parent; offer advice and support to those that are new to the Naval Academy community; or ask questions of parents whose sons and daughters have already graduated. Whether you live in Maryland or half way around the world, you can join this wonderful group of Mid parents. Only list members can receive your posts. It's a great way to network and form friendships among a group of folks who will really understand what you are going through.
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